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  Diorama Accessories
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Handcrafted Diorama Accessories and Shop Tools

All of the shop accessories are handcrafted form modelers styrene plastic, paper clips, small gauge electrictal wire, super glue, craft paint, tooth picks, and just about any other stuff you can find laying around your house.

Here's a link to my Ebay Store with many, many diorama and customizing accessories listed:

Great handcrafted additions to your diorama

Every piece of shop equipment in this set was completely handcrafted, except the Matchbox truck.

Detailed car trailers

Much time and effort has gone into the design and craftsmanship of these awesome handcrafted 1/64 scale car trailers.  Balanced well and rolling wheels.

Tire racks for the car trailers
There are several designs and styles of these tire racks. soon to be offered with the trailers.
Diorama dress up kit

With these dress up kits, you can bring any shop diorama to a realistic lifelike apperance. Brick wall pattern, checker board or concrete floor, and many pictures and advertisements to hang on the walls.

Accessories by Greenlight

Greenlight now manufactures and distributes two sets of shop diorama tools. They are very hard to find on the store shelves. My best suggestion would be to locate them on ebay.

Stangfreak's Diecast Fun Shop

I created this 1/64 scale diecast shop. I hope to have one such as this someday.

Can you see all the little cars ?

I hope the guy in the green shirt dosn't grab all the Treasure Hunts !